Conservative Republican
Small Business Owner

Endorsed by: SUSAN KREBS 

“Scott is a lifelong conservative Republican who owns and operates a small business in Sykesville and will fight for our Constitutional rights that we hold sacred and will fight against the far-left policies being proposed in Annapolis.

Scott values parental involvement and local control over public education, supports law enforcement and our first responders, and will fight to reduce the tax burden on working families, retirees and small business.

Carroll County will be well served with Scott in the Maryland House of Delegates”.

Endorsed by: ED ROTHSTEIN

Leadership is a team sport. Scott Jendrek has proven to me to be a team player especially over the past few years with covid-19 in our community. He stepped up personally and professionally where there was a need providing support that minimized the effects of the pandemic to residents, businesses, and local government.  Scott is the type of leader that works well with others who I trust to get to "yes" as the answer.

Endorsed by: The Maryland Farm Bureau


Pro Small Business

Small Businesses are the life blood of the community.

Pro Safety & Security

Fully fund all first responders

Pro Local Control of School Boards

Keep Carroll County schools under the control of the Carroll County School Board.

Pro 2nd Amendment 

the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
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